Celebrating Collation and Ordinations

The Venerable John (Cam) Carroll - Collation

At Defence Anglicans, we are privileged to have recently celebrated several key events in the life of Defence Anglican Chaplains. When we do, we are thankful to God for the heart and servitude of the women and men who have committed their ministry to serving the men and women of the Australian Defence Force.

Recently, there has been a new Archdeacon Collated for Royal Australian Airforce along with several Priestly ordinations and a ordination of a Deacon.

We welcome the events as they are pivotal to supporting members in the Australia Defence Force and the Anglican Church of Australia.

Collation of a new Archdeacon

The Venerable John (Cam) Carroll

Cam has been collated to the role Archdeacon for the Royal Australian Air Force.

At the recent Defence Anglican Retreat in Mittagong, NSW, the last day, Friday 17 November 2023, included the collation ceremony for Archdeacon Carroll.  Archdeacons are responsible for the welfare of chaplains and their families and the implementation of policies for the sake of the Gospel, particularly the Royal Australian Airforce.

Cam will be replacing The Venerable Kevin Russell who will be retiring in December 2023.

We welcome The Venerable John (Cam) Carroll to the role of Archdeacon for the Royal Australian Airforce.

Image of John (Cam) Carroll's Collation

Photo (L-R): Retiring Archdeacon Airforce, The Ven Kevin Russell, The new Archdeacon Airforce, The Ven. John (Cam) Carroll, Bishop to the Australian Defence Force, The Right Rev’d Grant Dibden.

Ordinations to Priest

We’ve been recently blessed with several Defence Chaplains undertaking their ordination to priests in the Anglican Church. These Ordinations took place on Saturday 25 November 2023.

The Rev’d Elizabeth (Liz) Bolton

Liz serves with the Royal Australian Navy as a Chaplain. Liz was recently ordained in Melbourne, Vic.

Image of Elizabeth Bolton's Ordination

Photo (L-R): The Most Rev’d Archbishop Philip Freier, Revd’s John Raike, Stacey Slater, Elizabeth Bolton, Kristen Dillon, Akhil Gardner, Kate Lord, The Ven.  Andrew Lewis – Archdeacon Navy.

The Rev’d Angela Stanfield

Angela serves with the Royal Australian Airforce as a Chaplain. Liz was recently ordained in Goulburn, NSW.

Image of Angela Stanfield's Ordination

Photo (L-R): Revd’s Jason Wright, Wendy Robertson, Cameron West, Michael Obrien, The Ven. Kevin Russell Retd – Archdeacon Airforce, Rev’d Andrew Taylor, The Venerable John (Cam) Carroll – Archdeacon Airforce, The Revd’s Stacey Slater, Cath Wynn-Jones, The Right Rev’d Bishop to the ADF – Grant Dibden, Rev’d Mitchell Herps.

Ordination to Deacon

CHAP Dan Gillis

At Royal Military College Chapel Duntroon, ACT on Tuesday evening the 21 November 2023, Chaplain Dan Gillis from the Royal Australian Army was ordained to the role of Deacon in the Anglican Church.

Image of Dan Gillis' Ordination

Photo (L-R): Rev’d Tim St Quintin, Rev’d Dan Gillis, The Right Rev’d Bishop to the ADF – Grant Dibden.

We welcome the contributions made by Archdeacon and these Chaplains serving in the Australian Defence Force.

Make sure you pray for all Chaplains serving in the Australian Defence Force. You can sign up to our regular prayer updates here.


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