I’m  Michelle Philp

Come and Hear my story, it could be yours...

Michelle's Story

I saw an ad for Defence Force Chaplaincy and asked a military friend to arrange for me to meet with a chaplain.

That was the start of a process that eventually lead to the most meaningful ministry I have ever been part of and currently engaged in.

I had an engineering degree and two theological degrees under my belt plus ten years of full-time parish and student ministry experience.

After some exploration and questions, in 2017 I was in uniform and that was the start of a new, exciting phase in serving God.

I’m going to walk you through the process of becoming a Chaplain.

Let’s kick off with a short video from my friend Tom.


I hope this has given you an idea of what it really means to be a Chaplain.

Let’s now check out the requirements for being a Chaplain.


  • Qualifications or studying in Theology or Ministry with an Accredited Institution
  • Fit and Healthy
  • Love working with people
  • Agree to the Anglican Chaplains Code of Practice.

Let’s now check out the process of how it all happens.

The Process

Here’s a map of the Journey you take to becoming a Defence Chaplain.

Do some research

I did some research and found out more about the role, the conditions, the training, the benefits and eligibility criteria

Learn More

Make An Enquiry

I went in boots and all with all these questions. It's the first step, you don't know if don't ask the question.

Make Enquiry

Prepare an Expression of Interest

Yep, there's always forms to fill in, once done, you submit the forms and this kicks off the formal process.

Submit Form Here

Application begins

You are interviewed and endorsed by your church/faith group. For me it was a chat with my local Bishop then a formal interview with the Anglican Defence Force Bishop and several other key people, it was friendly and very helpful.


lf successful, you'll be advised by one of the team and kept up to date about the next steps. For me it was the phone call that made a difference, I knew I was in for a look.

Defence Recruitment Process Begins

You now commence the assessment process with Defence Force Recruiting.  It makes sense, you are joining the Defence Force.

Officer Selection Board

You have the privilege to appear before an Officer Selection Board and be interviewed. I thought that was going to be scary, but no it wasn't. Everyone was very courteous and asked some really good questions about why I wanted to become a Chaplain in the Defence Force.

Letter of Offer

A letter of offer was issued to me. Yes! I remember the letter,

"Dear Michelle, we are happy... " it was such a relief I could now start planning for the future.

Accept the Offer

lf the offer is accepted, a posting and commencement date issued.  I remember I had to get back in contact with them within a couple of weeks, For me, it was a couple of days.  From there a steady flow of documentation and dates was provided to me to commence my training to join the Australian Defence Force.

That’s how I became a Chaplain.

If you’re ready to start the journey, do your research and make an enquiry today!

Note! If you’re already in the Defence Force, the process is a little different, contact us to find out more!


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