Safe Ministries

Anglican Chaplaincy Codes of Conduct

The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia has adopted Faithfulness in Service, a national code for personal behaviour and the practice of pastoral ministry by clergy and church workers.

At their respective meetings on 23 July 2005 and 17 August 2005, the Defence Force Board and the Bishop’s Standing Committee adopted Faithfulness in Service as the primary code of conduct applying to all Anglican ADF Chaplains.

Each chaplain and ordinand has been supplied with a personal copy of Faithfulness in Service and is expected to be familiar with its contents and the expectations imposed upon all Anglican clergy and church workers.

Faithfulness in Service was further revised in November 2011.


Download a copy of Faithfulness in Service Faithfulness In Service (Nov 2016)

Download the Offences_Canon_1962_updated_GS17 which applies to all licenced Anglican clergy.

Allegations of Ministry misconduct, abuse and incidents

The Defence Anglicans Community is committed to good ministry practice.

We have an independent and impartial process for dealing with complaints about ministry/chaplains misconduct, abuse and incidents.

We use Safe Ministry Resources as our professional standards unit.

If you have any concerns the abuse hotline is 1800 070 511.

Australian Defence Force Chaplains are also required to adhere to Defence Force regulations. Complaints relating to conduct within a service environment can be managed under Defence Instruction (General) PERSONAL 35–3 MANAGEMENT AND REPORTING OF UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR.

Complaints under this provision are made through your chain of command.

Apart from the abuse hotline, our Safe Ministry Resources can be contacted as follows:

Peter Barnett
Professional Standards Liaison Officer
Safer Communities

Office hours are:
9am to 5pm (Sydney time)
Monday – Friday
PO Box 2102 Peakhurst NSW 2210

Helpline: 1800 070 511.

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