Only A Chaplain Can…

In October 2022, Chaplain Tim Mannix had the great privilege of being deployed to the Federated States of Micronesia on OP SOLANIA.

As the chaplain to the deployed team, Tim provided person-centred, holistic care.

“I also did something only a Chaplain can do – we call it key religious engagement.” Said Chaplain Mannix, “I met with Micronesian locals to deepen our relationships. This help to bridge the gap between local culture and our people. The Micronesian culture is more than 90% Christian. During my time there I was able to make connections with five different church groups, including the Roman Catholic and United Churches of Christ Pohnpei (UCCP). These two groups make up more than 70% of the Christians on Pohnpei and provided a warm, welcoming and inviting space for us as Australians in the area. As an Anglican priest, I was able to provide diversity in worship and it was an absolute privilege to be able to learn from a different culture and understand the uniqueness of their faith.”

OP SOLANIA is a military operation focused on assisting governments in the Pacific with maintaining their own Economic Exclusion Zones by providing personnel and platforms to search for illegal fishing. It is also an opportunity to work on the mission of building and maintaining relationships in the Pacific.


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