ANZAC Day April 25 2023 – Remembering the Sacrifice

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For ANZAC Day April 25 2023, we have produced a short 5 min video to be shared and used to help us remember the sacrifice given by the few for so many.

In particular, Bishop Grant Dibden shares the story of Major General Sir William Throsby Bridges who gave his life in the Gallipoli campaign.

It also shows the parallel of Australian consciousness to remembering the fallen, the cross as a symbol to those who fell and the greatest sacrifice of all, Jesus on the cross.

ANZAC Day 2023 – Remembering the Sacrifice

In Australia, Anzac Day is a leveller, it’s one of those times when all Australian’s come together to put away differences to remember the sacrifice of others in a time of war and peace.

Feel free to use or share the video to God’s Glory and remember those answered the call and gave their lives a sacrifice for many.


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