Defence Sunday 7 November 2021

Our heart is to minister in the Australian Defence Force, to be Ambassadors for Christ, and to represent the Anglican Church in this complex secular context.

We do this in Jesus’ name. Will you celebrate with us? Check out our video.

Defence Sunday is the Sunday prior to Remembrance Day. Defence Sunday is an opportunity to thank the members of the Defence Force for their work, to remember those who have served in war, warlike and peacekeeping.

Defence Sunday is an opportunity to highlight the ministry of the Anglican Church among Defence personnel and their families through Defence Chaplaincy. You can download a vimeo copy of our presentation for church use here:

We ask that you pray for our ministry on this day, and more.

Here is a suggested prayer:

Lord God of Hosts,

we pray for your clergy whom you have called to the ministry of Defence Chaplaincy, and for those who proclaim your love and compassion where Australian military personnel serve.

Lord, strengthen their faith as they seek to witness for you in the secular world.

Protect them from all dangers and comfort them in the long separations from their families,
and from the close fellowship of church.

Lord who blessed the peacemakers, bless especially those chaplains serving overseas,
helping to bring peace to nations which are struggling to find their identity and place in the world.

We are in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, on God, now and forever. Amen

To make a contribution to the work of the Anglican Bishop to the Defence Force through the AMOS fund (Anglican Military Outreach and Service) use the link below.


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