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Defence Sunday November 5 2023

Bishop Grant Dibden shares and encourages churches to remember the contribution of the Australian Defence Force and its members and in particular the Chaplains who serve.

Chaplains play a vital role in supporting Defence members and their families in many ways.

Learn how your church can participate in Defence Sunday November 5, 2023.

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Connect - Chaplains

We make a difference by working alongside Defence Force personnel by listening, advising and supporting them.


Learn about the scope of the Defence Anglican Chaplaincy, history, activities, leadership, beliefs, and services across the Australian Defence Force.

Events - Key Australian Commemorations

We provide resources to assist you in conducting events related to the Australian Story.


ANZAC Day Resources provide key information in running an ANZAC Day Ceremony
APRIl 25


Australia Day reflects on the nation’s diverse people and their story. We provide resources to assist
January 26


Events, Battles and other Special days are significant in the life of Australia and the Defence Force.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Defence Chaplains get asked the best questions related to the defence force, life in general spirituality and being a christian, here are some of those questions:

Q Is my conversation confidential?

Yes Indeed, In fact we can’t divulge any information due to the privacy laws of Australia. The integrity of a Chaplain is that of confidentiality.

Q Can Christian’s serve in the military?

There’s nothing in the Bible that precludes Christians serving in the Military.

Q Who is Jesus?

According to the New Testament of the Bible, “Jesus, also called Jesus Christ, is God the Son, God in the flesh.  After a public ministry of preaching and performing miracles, Jesus was sentenced to death.  He died a gritty death by crucifixion on a Roman cross, but He rose from the grave, victorious over Satan, sin, and death itself.  All who believe in Jesus and put him in charge of their life will spend eternity with Him in heaven.”

What people say

Hear what some serving Members say about Chaplains

News and Updates

Pausing to consider

‘The motivation of why we do anything at 1 RAR, and in life, is love.’ Says Chaplain Chris Booth. ‘And...


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A Priceless Moment

There’s something priceless and timeless about welcoming someone into the Kingdom of God. That feeling only increases when it’s, firstly,...


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