The BBQ to Remember

It’s a BBQ to remember and it’s all about well being.

Chaplains often involve themselves in military wellbeing events. Pictured here is Chaplain Kevin Booth as he addresses attendees during a mental health awareness brief which was part of the ‘BBQ to Remember’.

The BBQ was hosted by the 9th Force Support Battalion at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland on 9 November 2021 ahead of Remembrance Day at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland.

The ‘BBQ to Remember’ is an initiative from veteran- led health promotion charity Swiss 8, which aims to raise funds and connect Defence communities with each other, connect Veterans with local communities, unite Ex-Service Organisations, and connect all Australians. Swiss 8 hopes to raise over one million dollars throughout their campaign from raffle-ticket sales and donations. The money raised supports development of mental health initiatives, and support programs through platforms like the Swiss 8 smartphone app


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