ANZAC Day April 25 2024 – Remembering the Sacrifice of Corporal Reginald Samuel Thorn

Image Corporal Reginald Samuel Thorn, 10 Battalion, AIF

For ANZAC Day April 25 2024, we have produced a short 4 min video to be shared and used to help us remember the sacrifice given by the few for so many.

In particular, Bishop Grant Dibden shares the story of Corporal Reginald Samuel Thorn who gave his life in the Pozières, France.

A recently discovered letter from Corporal Thorn was sent one day prior to his sacrifice at Pozières, France.

At deaths door, Reginald Thorn’s letter shares the hope of a better place beyond the grave made available through the greatest sacrifice made by Jesus.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13
ANZAC Day 2024 – Remembering the Sacrifice

In Australia, Anzac Day is one of those special occasions when all Australian’s come together to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and those who gave their service in times of war and peace.

Feel free to use or share the video and remember those who answered the call.


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