What Role does a Christian Minister have in a Commemoration Service?

Lone-PineEach year, commemorative services are held on the Gallipoli peninsula, Turkey and across Australia and New Zealand to mark Anzac Day. The Dawn service in Anzac Cove attracts over 7,000 people, with slightly less at the Australian Service at Lone Pine. Members of Australia’s Federation Guard provide the Catafalque and Flag Parties at the Dawn and Lone Pine services, while an Australian Military band provides the music accompaniment. There is also an all night reflective program at Anzac Cove leading up to the Dawn Service.  A military Chaplain provides prayers, readings and the final benediction at both ANZAC Cove and Lone Pine.

Anzac Day is a significant day for Australia and Australians. The Anzac spirit is a deep part of our cultural identity.  Yet the bible tells us that Christians we ‘are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives.’ (Philippians 3:20) So how do we connect being Australian, with our Christian citizenship? And what is the role of a Christian clergyperson taking part in a public and secular commemoration service?

This was the question put to Archdeacon Kevin Russell in 2012 by Vision Radio’s journalist, Matt Gee. The interview was broadcast over 520 radio stations in Australia on Anzac Day.

You can hear the interviews here.

Vision Radio Interview 1 – Taking part in the Gallipoli Anzac Service

Vision Radio Interview 2 – Taking part in a local Anzac Service


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