Advice about Finding a Suitable Church

by Chaplain Andrew Grills

by Chaplain Andrew Grills

All Anglican Churches are not the same. The following characteristics may help you choose a good church in which to grow and serve at your new posting locality.

1. Look for a church that believes in the truth of the Bible and teaches it in a way that you can understand. The teaching should challenge you to live radically as a follower of Jesus and to either become a Christian or to grow deeper in your faith.

2. Look for a church that welcomes you. Churches that are filled with the love of Jesus will be warm places. They will want to get to know you and get you involved in the church community. You have to make an effort as well of course, but a warm church will make it as easy as they can for you to fit in and make friends.

3. Look for a church where you can serve others. You might be a musician, good with kids, have a knack with computers, be trained in theology or any number of other areas. Find somewhere you can get your hands dirty and serve others.

4. Look for a church with at least some people of your own age. Like a healthy family, a healthy church will be made up of people of different ages and Christian maturity levels. It will help, though, if there are a few others at the same stage of life as you.

5. If you have kids, especially little ones, look for a family friendly church that has a children’s programme. Spending your whole time stressing that your kids are disturbing everyone else’s time of worship is a recipe for pain not gain!

6. Look for a church with a style of worship you gel with. Some people enjoy a quieter, more traditional contemplative style of worship, others enjoy a contemporary style with a rock band and modern hymns and choruses. This is not a question of right or wrong, but where you feel comfortable.

7. Look for a church where people are excited about knowing and serving Jesus. Being a Christian is a wonderful thing so find somewhere where people are enthusiastic about Jesus and are actively seeking to introduce others to Him.

The closest Anglican church to you may not always be the best for you. Look around and be prepared to travel – it may be worth it. And remember, the Anglican Church is part of the global church of God which includes many denominations, so in the unlikely event that you are posted to a location with no suitable Anglican church, seek out a spiritual home elsewhere.

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