Do you want to be part of an adventurous ministry team?

Defence engages women and men with pastoral hearts to serve as Chaplains on either a full time or part time (Reservist) basis.

These positions provide, for the right person, an exciting opportunity in ministry. Anglican Defence Force Chaplains are Anglican clergy who seek to minister in the love of Christ to the members of the Australian Defence Force (and their families). Anglican Defence Chaplaincy is a ministry of care, motivated by the love that Jesus Christ has for the world and expressed in the Defence context. 2 Timothy 4 provides a good model:
–  Proclaim the message.
–  Be persistent – whether the time is favourable or not.
–  Convince, rebuke, encourage.
–  Be of sound doctrine.
–  Do the work of an evangelist.

In day to day task terms, an Anglican Chaplain can expect to:
–  Provide pastoral care to defence men and women and their families.
–  Provide pastoral and ethical advice as appropriate.

–  Provide a spiritual and religious ministry in whatever circumstances you find yourself in and in accordance with our Anglican practise.

See our Mission and Vision Statement.


Those seeking to be an Anglican Defence Chaplain must:
– Be ordained or preparing for ordination and must have at least two years pastoral experience.
– Hold a Bachelor of Theology degree (or deemed equivalent)
– Must agree to both Faithfulness in Service and the Anglican Chaplains Code of Practice.
– Must be physically fit and mentally robust.
– Must be able to work in partnership with Chaplains of other denominations.
– Be prepared to exercise a Christian ministry in a secular environment.

Further information

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