Day 6

Full-time Chaplains of the RAN

Andrew Thorburn

Catherine Wynn Jones

Darren Hindle

Brad Galvin

The victims of war in countries troubled by conflict and unrest

Pray for the relief of suffering of the innocent victims of war, that they may have peace of mind, and healing of body and soul.

The Philanthropic Organisations within Defence

Salvation Army Red Shield

Defence Services Everyman’s Welfare Service

Praise God, for the Everyman’s Welfare Service and the Red Shield Defence Services; that they may have many opportunities to support military members and share the Good News by word and deed. Pray for good working relationships with chaplains.

Diocese of Bendigo

Bishop Matt Brain


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The BBQ to Remember

It’s a BBQ to remember and it’s all about well being. Chaplains often involve themselves in military wellbeing events. Pictured here is Chaplain Kevin Booth

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