Day 4

The Defence Force Board of the General Synod, comprising:

The Bishop and three Service Archdeacons

Andrew Lewis

Rob Sutherland

Kevin Russell

Clerical Members

Tim Booker

Glenn Bujis

Andrew Nixon

Lay Members

Mark Francis

Alan Gallimore

Megan Best

The ministry of Defence Chaplains

For opportunities for them to share the gospel, for hearts and minds to be open as they do so; for Christ to speak through them as they meet with and counsel members of the ADF and their families.

For gifts of holiness, that with wisdom, diligence and zeal, they may open the eyes of the blind, comfort those who suffer, and speak peace to the dying.

Ask that they may strengthen the weak and encourage the strong, that in all their worship and ministrations, in all their life and conversation, they may lead services with potency, shepherd the souls committed to their care, and advance the honour of the Kingdom of God.

Pray for retired chaplains and their families.

Chaplains deployed on military operations and at sea.

Diocese of Ballarat

Bishop Gary Weatherill


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