Crest of the Anglican Bishop to the Defence Force

The Mitre symbolises that our denomination is both Catholic and Episcopal.

Crest of the Anglican Bishop to the Defence Force

Crest of the Anglican Bishop to the Defence Force

The Shield is divided into two:
– The Upper Portion of the shield is the cross of St George, symbolising our heritage in the Church of England. The cross is underimposed by the Australian Southern Cross. The stars were originally heraldically applied to the Broughton Grant and became incorporated in the Sydney crest and thence into that of General Synod. The open Bible and Chalice symbolise our Ministry of Word and Sacrament as Priests and Prophets of God.
– The Lower Portion of the shield symbolises our ministry as members of the Defence Force albeit subordinate to the former.

The three Services are represented by three lines:
– The Wavy Line represents the Navy serving at sea.
– The Straight Line represents the Army serving on land.
– The Line with the Dip represents the Air Force serving in the air, and who land only to take to the air again.

The Symbols Beneath the Lines

The first is a stylised person with arms raised. This symbolises humankind in conflict reaching to God for help. The other is a wattle branch stained with blood. This symbolises the sacrifice many Australians have made for our country both in peace and war.

The crest hangs as a banner above the Bishop’s chair in the ANZAC Memorial Chapel of St Paul, Duntroon, at the Royal Military College of Australia.

Why is this Crest different to the Crest displayed on the rest of the Defence Anglicans Web site?

This Crest is the Bishop’s Crest. The Bishop’s Crest is used by the Bishop, on his robes, and on the preaching scarfs of the rest of the bishop’s (episcopal) team. The crest is also displayed on the Bishop’s Banner above the Bishop’s chair in St. Paul’s chapel, at Duntroon.

The crest that is displayed on the rest of this web site is the crest of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Australia. This crest is the overaching crest for Defence Anglicans.